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Mission Update: More fun ways to help the mission!

BOSCOV’S – FRIENDS HELPING FRIENDS DAYEVENT DAY: Tuesday, October 21st, 2014Doors Open at 9a.m.  Want to Be Involved Raising Money for ACRM? It’s Easy! Here are two things you can do … 1.  YOU CAN SELL SHOPPING PASSES FOR THIS EVENT! The entire cost of each $5 pass is a donation to the Rescue Mission. With each Shopping Pass comes a special 25% discount, and also the holder can complete the stub on back to register for prizes at Boscov’s. 2. YOU CAN BE A TABLE HOST on the event day for a three hour shift. Found out more about how you can help us make this event a success.


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Did you know that Amazon will donate .5% of your purchases to help the homeless at the AC Rescue Mission? We know many people use the apps on our phones and "one click" to buy through Amazon.com, so this may take just a little effort to remember to log in through Amazon.com/smile. It’s literally free for you to give! Click here to start shopping

Donate your clothing   Operation: Empty Closets-As you make room for your big, bulky winter clothes, please remember we have drop boxes conveniently located all over south jersey and we never sell clothing to clients! Click here for more information.
  Sister Circle-A warm hearted café in the heart of the Mission. Every Saturday our volunteers love on our single ladies by joining them for lunch and fellowship. We are seeking people to provide a small luncheon one day a month. Click here for more details.
  Legacy, Tribute or Memorial Gifts-Honor someone you love today. Click on one of the three links to see how.
Hundreds of meals served every day   Food Baskets- Not only do we serve 700-1000 meals every day, we can also serve an additional up to 20,000 meals a month through our food baskets and we need proteins and canned goods to fill them. You can drop donations off Monday-Friday 9-5p. Click here for directions.
njsecc   Employees Charitable Contributions-The State of New Jersey has made it incredibly easy to give directly through your paycheck. And many companies offer gift matching. Just click here to learn more


• Samaritan Club Members — Making a world of difference.
Hope springs eternal... two easy ways to find hope in your life today ...story.
Please congratulate our latest Work Readiness Graduates who are redefining their lives
• 500 people placed into permanent housing – turning the tide of homelessness


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Battle Against Hunger Bike Tour

Join Dr. Harry and prepare for the next ride of your life.

Team AC Rescue Mission is always looking for additional team riders for the 200-mile Battle against Hunger ride. Ride Historic trails and raise support for the homeless. Open for Sag team members and riders of medium to advances experience.  Get Details Here.


Now, Amazon donates whenever you shop

Smile — Amazon will donate 5% of your purchases to help the homeless at the Mission. Click to learn more.


Christian Wills is a free easy-to-use tool for anyone interested in estate planning




Local Business Man invites others to serve the homeless.

Creating more nutritious meals while providing real-world job skills... Bob Harre, celebrated chef, entrepreneur and media pitchman invites others to join Atlantic City Rescue Mission in supporting work-training for the homeless. "While some call for more investment on Wall Street, maybe it's time we invest a little more in people." Find out more!

AGRM - Legacy Member

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission is proud to be a long time member of the Association of Gospel Rescue Mission. Please Check out our Membership here.  Details!

Ocean City Coffee Co-Event

Families displaced by Hurricane Sandy face competition for housing as summer visitors arrive... More. 

Finding permanent housing for displaced families is already difficult and will likely worsen with the influx of temporary workers and





The Mission is now ECFA Certified

It's Official…The Mission is ECFA certified… meeting the standards set forth by Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. View our Acceptance Letter, then click this logo to see our rating...

What's This Building?

Can you believe it's the original Atlantic City Rescue Mission building on Arctic Avenue? Read about the Mission's history and find out why it was founded and by whom. Learn more about why we do what we do and read the Mission Statement.




  • 100 LBS. of Meat Protein (Beef, Pork, Fish, Lamb) per meal
  • Un-Sliced Rolls of Lunch Meat
  • Gallon Size Mayonnaise
  • Gallon Size Salad Dressings
  • 5-10 pound bags of complete pancake mix
  • Large Containers of pancake syrup
  • 15 dozen egg crates (75 dozen eggs used per breakfast)
  • Cases of bottled water
  • Ice Tea Mix
  • Whole Turkeys and Hams (Uncooked)
  • New packages of socks and underwear
  • Plus Size Women's Clothes
  • Baby formula, diapers
  • 1st night kits - toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorants, and socks
  • Plastic Storage Bins with Lids, 14 or 18 Gallon Totes (Rubbermaid Roughneck Totes are great!)
  • Drawstring Pajamas Pants in Lg, XL, XXL

Get directions to the Mission to drop off items or view the full list of needed items Check out Chef Dave's complete list of kitchen needs in his latest blog post



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Ready to serve something bigger than yourself? If you have a passion for helping others then this may be the place for you.

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