Verizon Communications Makes $10,000 Grant Donation to the Mission.

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Verizon to the Rescue - Communications  Corporation makes a significant contribution on behalf of the homeless and those impacted by Hurricane Sandy currently being helped at Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

The Mission is proud and honored to receive support and recognition from a company like Verizon. It means so much to us to have business partners and individuals in the community who appreciate the work we do at Atlantic City Rescue Mission enough to support it.

We want to especially thank, Jennifer P. Young, External Affairs Southern New Jersey Verizon Communications, the employees of Verizon and their customers for helping others in their time of need. 

As Posted: Dec 20, 2012 4:40 PM EST
Updated: Dec 20, 2012 6:26 PM EST
Posted By Sam Sweeney

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission has helped thousands since the 1960's when it became a staple of Atlantic City and now one company is giving back to the mission.

"After I lost my parents I continued to drink, more than I normally do," Michael Lyons said.

Michael Lyons came into the Atlantic City Rescue Mission at his lowest point, homeless and dependent on alcohol, now he's gotten his life back and is making a real difference.

"It has the best life changing experience I ever did in my life and if it wasn't for this I don't know what I would have done. I don't know where I would have ended up," Lyons explained.

And now the organization that has given so much to Michael and so many others is getting a gift of its own: a $10,000 check from Verizon.

"It's a great day for the mission. Anytime you have companies like Verizon come and recognize the work that the mission does on the scale that we do. A lot of people don't really understand. They think the mission is a soup kitchen, but it is really a one stop kind of center for those in need," said Dan Brown, the Mission's acting CEO.

The staff says large donations like this are a huge help with their day to day expenses.  Along with the nearly 1,000 meals served here everyday they also have a number of programs that are designed to help get visitors back on their feet.

"I mean food clothing, shelter, access to all kinds of social service programs, anything that can help someone get back on their feet, back into the community, back into the work environment," Brown added.

That is exactly what Michael has done with his life. He doesn't drink anymore, and on Wednesday he graduated from the work readiness program and is now a chef. He plans on staying another two years and has hope for the future.

"Once I get through the overcomers program I think I'll be back on my feet again," Lyons said.NBC 40 Logo

There are so many ways to get involved...  I encourage you to check out our website for information on volunteer opportunities, or contact us for a personal tour at: 609-345-5517


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