The Ultimate Way to Love Your Family

When Walter George Bruhl, Jr. left this earth, he left his family a surprisingly humorous gift: he wrote his own obituary. While most obituaries outline an individual’s achievements and the loved ones they leave behind, Bruhl included other items that preceded him in death including his “tonsils and adenoids, aspinal disc, and a large piece of his thyroid gland…” Upon discovery of the letter, Bruhl’s grandson expressed, “I’m so glad I got to read one more thing from my favorite writer.”Wouldn’t it be ideal if everyone put that much thought into what they leave behind?

Unfortunately nearly 70% of Americans do not even have an up-to-date Will. This percentage represents millions of families who are left with a troubling surprise when they’re loved one dies. That’s why Estate Planning is much more than a legal process, it’s actually the ultimate way to love your family. When we place our financial affairs in order, we ensure that our assets can be efficiently transferred to the individuals and organizations we care about most,  such as Atlantic City Rescue Mission. Additionally, forbelievers who want to practice good stewardship of the resources God has entrusted to them, Estate Planning is a wise decision. Consider this: Do you love your family enough to potentially save them thousands of dollars and countless hours of work? How about blessing the ministries that are important to you like Atlantic CityRescue Mission?

Or perhaps you could consider the alternative:I like to see my family fight.The court system can handle this better than I can.My minor children will be in good hands with a State agency.My spouse and children can handle large sums of money.I’m not alive, why should I care?While we hope these reasons brought a smile to your face, it’s more important to remember wise EstatePlanning can bring peace and provision for your family. Proverbs 29:11 says “…the wise bring calm in the end.”May the Lord give us wisdom as we strive to bring calm to  and the ministries we love.

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Money Management, Household Budgeting and Financial planning can be large and important questions no matter where you are in life. If you would like to know more about how to establish a household budget, Dave Ramsey's has a guide that you might find interesting and it's available here.


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