For Students

Thank you for learning about homelessness as part of your education!

If you're doing a project on homelessness

We have a lot of resources for you on our website.

If you need to volunteer to complete student mandated ervice-learning or community service

Read the requirements carefully for individual volunteers.  If you are under age 14, you cannot volunteer on-site at the Mission, however you may volunteer at the Mission's Farm during the farming season (usually May - September).  All those under age 18 must have a parent or an adult chaperone with them during volunteer service. Please plan ahead - the volunteer orientation which you must complete  prior to volunteering is held once per month. For the safety of our guests, you cannot volunteer unless you have been pre-approved.

If you're interested in service learning

College students may complete service learning or internships at the Mission.  Please read the process for individual volunteers.


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