Why Are They Homeless?

Homelessness is a condition brought upon a person as a result of another problem or problems. It is not enough to solve the person's homeless condition by placing them in an emergency shelter, motel, or even permanent housing. The best way to end homelessness is to minister to each individual person and their unique needs. This is what the Atlantic City Rescue Mission strives to do through counseling, structured programs, and linking people to other community resources.

Issues and Problems That Can Result in Homelessness

  • Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling
  • Domestic violence
  • Low wages combined with high cost of housing or child care
  • Mortgage crisis/foreclosure
  • Mental illness without proper help and community support
  • Elderly with no family support and limited income
  • Medical crisis or long-term illness
  • Fire, flood, natural disaster, or other unsafe housing conditions caused by disrepair
  • Grief or loss resulting in depression

At the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, many of our clients are struggling with several of these issues at one time. Giving them a safe place to sleep and nutritious meals are just the first steps to getting them back into the community. The Mission's programs and services aim to help solve their problems so that they can maintain their housing and their lives once again.

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