Meals, shelter, and clothing are a homeless person's immediate needs, but they also need services to help them get back on their feet again.

Counseling and Case Management

 The first step is to sit down with a Chaplain or Counselor and talk about why they became homeless. Together, the individual and counselor put together a case plan to help overcome the obstacles that led to homelessness.  This might include referrals to other social service organizations or enrolling in one of the Mission's programs.

Family Life Center Program

 The Family Life Center is a haven for homeless moms and children.  Up to 11 families can stay as long as they need to until they can move back into permanent housing.  Safe shelter, meals, counseling, parenting classes for the moms, and homework help for the children are all available.

Work Readiness Program

 For those guests who haven't worked in some time, they need a jump-start on getting back into working mode. For 120 days, they work a shift in the Mission 6 days per week doing cooking, cleaning, security, maintenance, or office work.  They also attend daily classes in life skills, money management, or Bible study.  There's a graduation ceremony for those who complete the program, and then they can move on to employment, transitional housing, HOPE Program, or Overcomers.

Overcomers Program

 Some of our guests have become homeless due to addiction issues. Through the Overcomers Program, they receive one year of residential recovery. They continue to work a shift in the Mission to boost their employability, and they attend intensive group and individual counseling (not treatment) for addiction. After graduating, they move on to employment, transitional housing, or the HOPE Program. (Addiction:  the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as gambling or drugs)

HOPE Program

 Homelessness Overcome through Programmed Employment (HOPE) helps those who have graduated from the Work Readiness or Overcomers Programs to build a resume, find a job, and save money by continuing to live at the Mission until they have enough to move to their own housing.

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