Thank you for you concern for the homeless in our community!

Atlantic City Rescue Mission’s shelter has relocated temporarily during Sandy and her aftermath and is operating very effectively from our host, Shore Fellowship Church in Egg Harbor Township. This temporary location will continue into the immediate future.

We do have some immediate needs listed below. If you want to help, or know someone who can, items can be delivered to one of 45 dropoff sites. Take your clothes, towels or underwear donations to one of our other drop-box sites and the Mission will pick them up in the next 3-5 days... Shore Fellowship drop-off is full. See our other drop-off sites for everything but food.

Phone lines are still not predictable. Email Chef Dave to make food donations during the coming days and weeks.

If you know restaurants which can help and even donate, that would be wonderful Ask for Mission Chef Dave, to assist on Food Relief. Or if you would like to make a contribution to our Emergency Assistance and Shelter Relief Fund, click here.



Heavy Duty Trash Liners
Latex Gloves
Coats for men & women
Styrofoam cups 8 oz
Drinking cups, 12 - 16 oz size
Personal / Baby Wet Wipes
Mens underwear large, XL, 2X
Men’s white socks
Women’s underwear (size 10 and up)
Socks for women
Socks for small boys
Toiletries: soap, razors, shave cream, toothbrushes, toothpaste
Board Games - checkers, chess, puzzle books

Cooked chicken parts, any type: fried, BBQ
Salad Mix
Sliced american cheese - 20 #
700 Cookies
Chips - Bags of individual servings of chips
Decaffeinated cold drinks
Desserts, individually wrapped
Soup for 360 - all one kind
Ground Coffee

We can be reached at Shore Fellowship at 609- 646-4693. Ask for a Mission representative.

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