The Mission provides help for people who are struggling at all stages of homelessness. If you're a visually-oriented person, you can view a flow chart of the services we provide.

Homeless Prevention

The best way to end homelessness is to prevent it from happening. People experiencing crisis because of illness, injury, or layoffs receive homeless prevention help at the Mission.


Those who have slipped through the cracks and become homeless, living under the Boardwalk, receive compassionate outreach. An Outreach Chaplain goes out to meet them and encourage them to come back to the Mission for help. For those who are wary or mistrustful, he earns their trust through consistent contact and gifts of essentials such as water, food, socks, coats, hats, gloves, or blankets.

Meals, Shelter & Clothing

Providing nutritious meals for the hungry, a safe bed for someone who has nowhere else to stay, and clean clothing.

Comprehensive Services

Someone who is homeless usually needs help in several areas - medical, mental health, spiritual care, etc. Everything they need is under one roof at the Mission.


Those guests who have been homeless, out of work, or addicted for some time, can enroll in the 120-day Work Readiness or one-year Over comers Programs.

Transitioning Back Into The Community

Our goal is to equip the homeless to become housed, self-sufficient members of the community again.  The HOPE employment program, transitional housing, housing search assistance, and Project Restart all help them achieve this goal.

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