God’s Design for a Fruitful Life

In his book Acts 29, Dr. Terry Teykl recounts how the mayor of a small town was driving through the city square when he noticed two city workers doing something rather unusual. Along one side of the main street, they were working steadily. One of the men was digging a hole in the ground and the other was filling it back in.Somewhat confused, the mayor confronted them and asked for an explanation. "Well, sir," replied the first man, "we work for the city planting trees and usually there are three of us – one to dig the hole, one to plant the tree and one to cover it up. The guy who plants the tree called in sick today, but," he proudly announced, "we’re here and we’re doing our jobs anyway."

Work is part of God’s design for a fruitful life, but how much more effective are we when our efforts are aimed at a God-honoring purpose! Our lives take on a new depth and meaning when we live with intentionality and an eternal focus. Have you considered how financial planning looks through the lens of God’s purpose? When you include Atlantic City Rescue Mission in your Will, you impact lives for Christ and honor God’s purposes here on earth and into eternity. Allow God to begin shifting your focus and consider fresh ways to live your life with greater intentionality.

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