Atlantic City declared Code Blue; Homeless rescued from the streets.


NBC40 News: ATLANTIC CITY - Freezing temperatures, blistering winds and snow flurries!  Winter weather conditions all contributing to an overflow of people flocking to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

"We do get more people in colder weather, so we have an overflow of beds," said Tom Davidson, Director of Development for the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.  "We serve men, women and children and so in weather like this, what we would do is we'll use this cafeteria for additional overflow."

With the Atlantic City Office of Emergency Management declaring a code blue the rescue mission has doubled its efforts to accommodate as many people as possible.

According to Davidson "We definitely operate as an emergency relief shelter for the city and so the police will bring people in if they don't have a place to go and we have our street outreach team that's working with people and also working with the police to get people out of the cold."

Alex Siniari, Outreach Worker for the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, explains "Officers Wentz and I, the ACPD just making an effort to make sure people who are out in the streets or may not have any other place to go are aware of the code blue and that they know that our doors are open.  We were kind of patrolling the city, tourism district, throughout the boardwalk, the outlet areas and some other places we know where people will congregate when they're trying to stay warm.  So we're hitting all of the hot spots just in an effort to meet their needs."

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission will provide shelter during the remainder of the storm.   Hot meals and other accommodations are available to those who wish to use their facility.

"Nobody has to bear this coldness outside," said Siniari.

"It's actually a great thing that they do it, because it's a lot of people out here with no where to go, you know what I mean, and like I said nobody wants to be out here," said Malik Daniels of Atlantic City, NJ.

The Atlantic City Police Department has available transportation for those who wish to stay at the rescue mission.

Posted: Jan 21, 2014 11:16 PM EST
Posted By Charlisa Gordon,
NBC 40 News Reporter


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