Atlantic City declared Code Blue; Homeless rescued from the streets.

NBC40 News: Working closely with local emergency management officials, police, the tourism district and Atlantic City Rescue Mission prepares to receive more people affected by severe cold weather conditions and exposure.  The Mission is already at work assisting the city with emergency accommodations including: food, warm shelter, medical / behavioral health services and case management. The Rescue Mission also incorporates Atlanticare and Atlantic Behavioral Health all at one location. It's a close collaboration that's saving lives.

Mark Engler, one of three street outreach chaplains at the Mission is in charge of finding Atlantic City's homeless. Once he brings them back, they are given food, warmth, and health care.  Atlantic City Rescue Mission  Make our Mission yours!

Chaplain Engler had already brought one woman in before this report. She was suffering from exposure. "I found her unconscious at an outdoor bus stop, she had icicles forming around her nose and mouth and when I woke her she was delirious and couldn't remember her name." All common signs of exposure. "I brought her back to the Mission and we wrapped her in blankets gave her hot coffee and soup just to warm up, she's doing much better now."

"We typically see anywhere from 288 to 350 people but in these cold weather conditions  we are planning to receive an additional 75 to 100 people who have nowhere else to go and  we couldn't do it without the volunteers and supporters whose donations make our work possible”, said Bill Warner the Missions Director of Men's Ministries.    

Tom Foley, EMC Chief of Emergency Services adds: "This is not a week to be without shelter. It can be life threatening and the Atlantic City Rescue Mission is certainly the place to be if anyone from Atlantic City is without a place to go to stay safe if they have no shelter in this brutal cold." 

CODE BLUE for Atlantic City is in effect from 6:00 PM Tuesday, January 22, 201 until 8:00 AM Saturday, January 26th, 2013 The Atlantic City Police, when possible will provide a ride to the shelter if so requested.

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