"Chefs with a Mission" to mix their reputations and culinary skills for people who just need a little hope and inspiration.


Move over Food Network. There is a new trend in culinary preparation that is taking place right here in Atlantic City. It’s called Chefs with a Mission – a little group of our own prestigious Chefs who have worked all over the world and have made it their Mission to share their skills and passion for food and hospitality to the homeless at Atlantic City Rescue Mission. 

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The idea was the brainchild of Bob Harre who had worked under the world-renown Master Chef Heiko Bendixen as one of his top culinary team members and a long-time friend Ron Kollman.

We decided to get some of our really close friends in the food service industry to see if they wanted to participate. And the idea quickly caught on fire!

Bob, had been piloting a program with long-time friend Ron Kollman, Executive Director of Community Development Atlantic City Rescue Mission and support from Executive Chef Wolfgang Geckeler. Together, they convinced their colleagues to sign on to the idea of teaching people at the shelter their love and passion for food. It also gave Wolfgang and Ron a chance to revisit and similar program they both started years ago with Atlantic County Institute of Technology – bringing professional culinary experiences to individuals seeking a career path in the Food Services Industry… only in this case it’s for people really down on their luck.

Working with the students at the shelter has been an incredible privilege said Bob Harre. We all got reconnected connected through Ron at the Missions Community Education Center where they are teaching life skills to people who are trying to bounce back in life.  That’s when the idea of creating a basic training program that included proper food handling, inventory and stock rotation management and basic food prep skills hit us.  If we could pass on these basic skills, then people recovering from economic despair at the Mission would have a better than average change of getting real-paying jobs.  “Teach a man to Fish – so to speak!” 

JOIN THE CLUB! If your restaurant, or business would like to participate, please email Ron Kolman  It's a great way to show your patrons how you support the community!


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