Living in a Place Called Trust

A young lady was sunbathing on the beach when a little boy in his swimming trunks, came up and asked her, "Do you believe in God?" Surprised by the question she replied, "Why, yes, I do." Then he asked "Do you read your Bible and pray every day?" Again she said, "Yes!" By now her curiosity was very much piqued. The little lad sighed with relief and said, "Okay then, will you hold my money while I go swimming?” (Source: “Confrontation” by Gordon Curley)

TrustTrust is an important part of the Christian’s life. From the moment of salvation to walking with Christ each day, we practice trust. But did you know God trusts us too? He entrusts us with relationships, children and even financial provision. And He is our example of faithfulness in all these things: “…He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.” (James 1:17) So how can we honor God and prove trustworthy with our finances?

One practical way is by choosing to support ministries that are impacting lives for Christ. This could be through a one-time charitable gift, or by including a ministry organization you trust into your Will. You can even support ministries you love like Atlantic City Rescue Mission from your Roth IRA. And now is a wonderful time to do that thanks to new legislation that extends the IRA Charitable Rollover allowing you the benefits of donating while avoiding federal tax liability.


-or bless your family today with a God-honoring Will at:


Money issues are one of the core issues many people struggle with on a daily basis... For me, it was never about "trusting God" versus “trusting money".... Dave Ramsey story: Who do you Trust?

No matter what God has blessed you with, a loving spouse, family, financially, it's important to honor His trust in you by being a good and responsible steward with His gifts.  Learning to trust in Him to provide all things is the key to spiritual and physical salvation.

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